Apex Biomedical, LLC

Apex Strategy

Apex delivers Research and Development consulting services designed to deliver evidence-based solutions for the treatment of traumatic skeletal injuries and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries.

 Apex is a collaboration between medical professionals and engineers, and is dedicated to researching clinical challenges and delivering effective solutions that directly impact patient care.

Our personnel have worked with many of the largest medical device manufacturers and consumer product manufactuers to develop devices that treat a range of injuries.

Our History

Apex was founded in 2004 with the mission of translating research into evidence-based solutions for treatment or prevention of traumatic injuries. Our work has led to the development of four commercial products in the health science space (16 U.S. patents granted to date) that have been exclusively licensed to US-based market leaders with global distribution networks.  Our current work focuses on Active Plating of skeletal fractures to promote secondary bone healing, and on developing an improved bicycle helmet technology that significantly reduces the rotational acceleration during impact to prevent traumatic brain injuries.

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