Our Company

Steve Madey

Business Development:

Steven M. Madey, MD: madey@apexbiomed.com 

Dr. Madey obtained a medical degree at Columbia University, NY. He completed a residency in orthopaedic surgery and a fellowship in hand and microvascular surgery at the University of Iowa.

Michael Bottlang

Research & Development:

Michael Bottlang, PhD: bottlang@apexbiomed.com

Dr. Bottlang holds a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Iowa and is the Director of the Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory in Portland, OR. 

Clinical Affairs:

Daniel C. Fitzpatrick, MD, MS: fitzpatrick@apexbiomed.com

Dr. Fitzpatrick completed a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, a medical degree, and a residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Iowa.

Stan Tsai

Osteosynthesis Project Management:

Stanley Tsai, MS: tsai@apexbiomed.com

Stanley Tsai brings over 12 years of R&D experience with a leading medical device manufacturer before joining Apex. He received his master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan and currently directs the Osteosynthesis program at APEX.


Traumatic Brain Injury Quality Management:

Alex Rouhier:  rouhier@apexbiomed.com

Alex graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Portland.  She is responsible for maintaining and implementing the quality system for the Helmet project, as well as working as a development engineer.


Heather Sitz: sitz@apexbiomed.com